Mistakes men make while dating Russian women

Typical mistakes while dating Russian women

Photo gallery of beautiful Russian Women and Ukraine girlsDating a Russian woman can be very enlightening. There are many western and European men that date Russian women for different reasons. Some people have it as a goal to date women from other countries. Some others just fall in love with a woman who is a Russian. Either way, there are certain things that are a turnoff for Russian women.

Likewise, with the turnoffs for Russian women, there are also a lot of things that western men should know about before wanting to date a Russian woman online or during their travels. To start with what Turns off Russian women, here’s the list:

Not knowing about their Culture

balalaika-russian-cultureThis is one of the biggest turnoffs for Russian women. Not knowing anything about their culture is definitely not going to get you anywhere. If you are dating someone, you would want them to know about where you come from, what you do and what your activities are like. It is almost the same thing, except for their culture and their tradition is something that is pretty easy to learn about. You can just google about their culture and you can find truckloads of useful information.

Russian women who have gone out on dates with western men have sometimes said that their date for the night was not even aware of where their city was, on a map. Now why would a beautiful and attractive Russian woman proceed to have a next date with a man who is negligent and does not even bother to know the most basic details about her background?

Not Appreciating them

appreciating russian womenAppreciating beauty when you see one is something that can be quite rare in the western countries. But in Russia, women are very self-conscious and they love it when their man appreciates them for their efforts. When you are on a date with a Russian woman, give her ample compliments. Not just about how the colour of her dress is really vibrant for her skin but also the tiniest of intellectual appreciations. Hint about how you find them alluring and how attracted and lost you are when they are talking about their job or career.

Even when you are in a good relationship with them, you need to give them compliments. “Good morning beautiful”, “Your hair smells divine”, “I love the colour of your eyes” are some phrases that really make a Russian woman’s day. Acknowledge every little detail about her.

They are not Gold Diggers

russian-women-on-stilettosFor the most part, Russian women are not gold diggers. While some of them are forced to become money parasites because of their social and economic conditions, there are others who just genuinely want to be in a loving relationship. Not all Russian women are looking forward to ditching you after getting an American visa.

Even if a Russian woman is very independent she will expect her man to take care of her. Don’t ever ask her to split the bills like how you would with an American woman. This is just downright offensive for a Russian woman while it is something that Western women would gladly do.

Be clear in your search

search-profilesSearch for a soulmate. Look for a potential future in a Russian woman. Never date a Russian woman with the intention of making her a housewife or a slave to live your life easily. Also, she is not a trophy wife. Just like all human beings, even Russian women need to be treated right. You can’t take advantage of them because of their minuses. Women that are good with intellect will spot a man who just wants a wife, in a single date.

Look for love and a happy marriage. A Russian woman has traits that will make you happy if you don’t force her to bring it out.

What to know before dating a Russian woman

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Meet Russian Women

Before you sign up on a Russian dating site, you need to make sure that you have signed up in the right site. There are sites that have a lot of scammers and there are sites that have genuine Russian women for dating.

When your online date asks you to send money or gifts, no matter how cheap it is, you need to wake up. This is how a series of scam chain starts. If you are lucky, a scammer will stop with just one attempt. With their loving talks, scammers are very talented in making use of foreigners.

Fly to Russia only when you are ready to meet more than one person and also after having talked over phone and through skype for at least six months. This is not multiple dating. A real date according to a Russian woman starts only when you meet her in person. Once you meet the right Russian woman, there is no looking back.

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