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How much does it cost to buy a Russian bride

russian-brides-for-saleYou were looking for a bride and decided to date someone from a foreign country as you have heard a lot about their beauty and elegance. You logged into a dating website and were soon enamored by beauty of Russian women. You started dating one and decided to tie the knot with her. When you shared this news with your friends they wanted to know how much you have paid for your mail order bride. Their comments left you devastated. You couldn’t think of buying a bride and that too through a website. Have your friends gone out of their senses? How can they think of such a thing?

The rumor around foreign brides

Your friends are not alone but many western men have such notions about women from foreign countries who date and marry American men. The term mail order brides have been coined for them. No matter how demeaning it sounds but people believe that brides are available on sale.  Most single men are under the impression that the women found on international dating sites can be bought for money and would be delivered at their home just like goods. How outrageous!

Why this negative feeling towards foreign brides ?

The same men who think Russian or Filipino or Asian brides who are available for dating in the dating portals are trying to make money do not think the same for women from their own countries. The truth is that women from all countries look for partners through the dating sites. Men from all around the world get themselves registered on dating sites to search for foreign women. This is true for American, European, Asian as well as Chinese men. So, there is no point in accusing Russian wome, of doing this for money. It demeans them and doesn’t speak well about us too. dating-russian-girl-in-bikiniOne reason for this negative feeling toward Russian brides is because they are very common in the dating sites. In fact, they form the largest chunk of young women who seek grooms online. Thus, they receive so much flak from western countries.

The truth behind the Russian ladies being so active on dating sites is quite opposite. The population of Russia is skewed so much that there are around 8 men for every 10 women. Thus Russian women, who want to marry and settle down in life with romantic and suitable grooms have to look for in other countries. The modern and educated Russian women prefer men who are romantic, well settled and mature. Russian ladies being very family-oriented and traditional look for men who are serious about family. They look forward to having children.

Some may get desperate to find a man for themselves but that does not mean that they are selling themselves.

Scams related to mail order brides

married-mixed-couple-russian-brideThe fear around mail order brides is baseless. If you decide to get a bride from overseas what you need to be careful about is the scams that rob people of their money. Yes, scams around international dating have increased manifold in the last few years. You would find plenty of men who complain of being cheated by dating sites. There are few sites where you would meet young Russian women who show interest in getting married and relocating to the grooms’ country. These Russian women ask for money for visa processing and other formalities. They keep on extracting money till the grooms run out of money or get suspicious of the intention of the brides.

So, what you should really worry about are these scams and not baseless stories about mail order Russian brides. Just understand that everything you hear or read about brides being available on sale is fabricated without an iota of truth in them.

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