Find a cute Russian girl to travel with

Finding a Russian Girlfriend for Travelling

heart-sun-travelMany single men have taken to Russian travel dating to fulfil their needs for companionship when they are travelling. Travel dating is more diverse than international dating because when it comes to international dating, you are mostly looking at one culture or ethnicity. Russian travel dating gives you a lot of options based on where your girlfriend is from and makes sure all these options are according to your preferences. In simple words, all these women are addicted to travel and for starters, that is a good common detail between two people. Imagine not having to explain more about why you feel the urge to travel. Instead, you can always skip to the part where you tell each other about your wildest trips.

kristina-from-russiaFinding girls that travel has become pretty easy, thanks to these travel dating sites that are available on the internet. These dating sites are majorly designed for the benefit of men on wanderlust. There are real life stories of how western men have found women of different backgrounds in their travel dating site experience and a few of them have been generous to share it with others. According a lot of men, Russian women are the best travel partners that they can ask for.

Here are a couple of things about Russian women that make them the best:

  • Kind hearted angels: Russian women are the most down to earth women you will ever meet. Despite the fact that many of them don’t travel, there are some of them who travel to exotic locations and off beat locations. Now because of travelling, one gets a sense of belonging to almost anywhere. To certain people, this can instil pride in them. But for a Russian woman it is a great experience and she is always just looking forward to recreating that experience. She is generous enough to not succumb to the highs that travelling gives. Also, when she is travelling, she is very friendly towards anybody she comes across. Western and European women have been found to be rude or uptight at times when they are travelling, but a Russian woman is friendly with everyone.
  • All expenses covered: A Russian woman’s pride is something that will strike you at the heart. Her elegance and her attitude towards being treated like a queen is both awe and understandable. Generally travelling and expenses go hand in hand. Most travellers are still trying to make it work from the money part to fund their travels. So solo travellers and travellers travelling in groups know that sharing expenses with their partners is always a good idea and never selfish. While you are back home, you often tend to pay for your date’s expenses and when that does not happen, you are noticed as someone cold hearted and unfit for dating. But in travelling, you do with what you have and it is perfectly alright if you don’t have those extra bucks.

Meet Single Russian Girls for Travelling

Dean, 28 from Brazil has been dating Irina for over two years now and he claims it is the best thing that has happened to him.

latin-boyI started dating Irina through one of the travel dating sites. I was signed in and with little to no effort, I went on to use the portal almost all the time. I was travelling to the Philippines when I came across Irina’s profile. Initially it takes a while to get used to. Don’t be shocked if your travel dating site is not giving you everything you need. You got to be slow and patient and look for the best. There are over thousands of women that are looking for a travel buddy and a relationship partner. Before I met Irina, I dated a couple of women, one from Australia and another from Russia. Both had their own advantages and disadvantages.

The woman I dated from Australia was always on a high horse and the other one from Russia, well it just didn’t click. When I first met both of them, my excitement got the best out of me and I did not have time to think if they were right for me. But when I met Irina two years ago in a trek to the Himalayas, she was everything that I wanted a girl to be.

HimalayaFor starters, she was the only girl in our group of 10 people to the trek. The trek was quite dangerous and the fact that she was there, fearless, was a big turn on for me. Eventually we started dating and I have been awed at how fearless she is. This woman has thrown herself off cliffs and dived not knowing what she is about to hit and every single time I see her following her heart, I am following her. We have an understanding relationship, we travel together, we share everything from our food to our thoughts. It is almost like how I was dating back when I was tied down, except for I am much happier.

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