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Russian women looking for husbands abroad

Russian brides - Russian ladies are looking for husbands overseas

There have been plenty of speculations regarding why Russian women look for a partner abroad. In this article, you will get to know about the several reasons why Russian women prefer Western men and want to settle abroad. Let’s look at the reasons:

  1. Economical Reasons : Most Russian women look for a partner abroad because of economical reasons. Most countries of the former Soviet Union are facing tremendous economical difficulties. The standard of life of most citizens is low. Moreover, the political instability of the countries makes the future uncertain. The private apartments of those countries are quite expensive. Therefore, the current economical condition compels the Russian women to seek a partner abroad who can provide her with a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.
  2. Russian women want financial security : Some western men think that Russian women are gold diggers, but that is a complete wrong perception. What Russian women want is financial security. She wants her future husband to have a stable and secure job so that he can provide all the necessary things to his family. Most Russian women would like to work after marriage in a foreign country. However, she will still want her partner to have a stable job. She wants a responsible partner who would be able to look after her and her child. Therefore, Russian women look for a partner abroad because they believe that western men can provide them with financial security.
  3. Russian womenDemographical situation : The demographic situation of Russia also plays a big role in making Russian women look for a partner abroad. According to statistics, the percentage of women and men in Russia is 54 to 46. In some areas of Russia, the ratio of men to women is 1:3. Thus, the demographic situation makes it difficult for Russian women to find a man for themselves. Therefore, they prefer to look for a partner abroad.
  4. The desire to live an independent life : Russia and Ukraine are known to be patriarchal countries. Though the situation has changed a lot in the last few years, gender discrimination is still there. The women in Russia are expected to sacrifice her career and look after the family and children after marriage. Russian women living in cities are not ready to sacrifice their career and freedom. They desire to live an independent life and therefore, they look for a partner abroad who won’t have any problem if she works after marriage.
  5. Russian women want love and respect : Western men are known to respect and appreciate women. They love to pamper women with gifts. They also value decisions and opinions of women much more than Russian men. This characteristic of western men makes Russian women look for a partner abroad as they want love and respect.
  6. Russian women don’t want to do the household duties always : Russian men strictly believe that only women should do the household duties even if she has a full time job. On the other hand, western men do not mind doing the household duties along with his partner. They never hesitate to take responsibilities of the house. Western men are also known to genuinely care about their family. A western man would invest a lot of effort and time into the upbringing of children.

10000’s of Russian women seeking men abroad

Russian women seeking men abroadThese are the several reasons why Russian women look for a partner abroad. Russian women believe that a Western man would be like some prince charming who would speak a foreign language and pamper her with love and attention. Due to this firm belief, Russian women idealize life with a western man. This plays a very important factor for Russian women to look for a partner abroad.

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