What age difference is acceptable for Russian ladies ?

What is the acceptable age difference for couples in Russia ?


The age difference is a very important factor in any marriage. For Russian ladies, an age difference of 5 to 15 years is quite normal. They don’t mind getting married to a well settled man who is 5-15 years older than them. Every year, plenty of Russian ladies get married to Western men. If you look at the age difference, then it is mostly 5 to 15 years. Although this wide age gap is a very unthinkable thing in the USA, it is perfectly normal for Russian women. More than the age difference, the Russian ladies look at the other factors in a partner such as his profession and manners.

Some Western men get extremely surprised when they receive letters from young and attractive Russian girls who are professionals such as doctors, accountants and economists. Most of these women are 10 to 15 years younger than the men they choose to interact with. Men in the US cannot comprehend such a wide age gap easily. You will hardly find women in the USA getting settled with men who are ten years elder to them. Therefore, it comes as a surprise to Western men when young and attractive Russian girls want to communicate with them.

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There is nothing very strange in the fact that young Russian girls look for matured, well-settled Western men. The Russian ladies grow wise and mature at a very young age. Therefore, if she goes into a relationship with a Western man of her age, it won’t be compatible. She is so wise that she would start feeling that she is dating a teenager.

russian-girl-for-saleThere are many reasons why Russian ladies are so wise at a tender age. The poor economical conditions of the country and several difficulties in life have made Russian ladies wiser and mature at a very young age. Therefore, she wants to settle with a man who is wise and mature. Moreover, the 5-15 years age difference gives Russian women a feeling of security.

However, it doesn’t imply that you will get a 20 year old Russian girl if you are in your late fifties or early sixties. You must not keep unrealistic expectations. However, many Russian ladies in their early forties would surely like to communicate with you.

youngrussianwomanThere are also special cases noticed where a Russian woman doesn’t mind an age gap of as wide as 20 years. However, that is only when the man is extremely good looking, rich, intelligent or famous. Many Russian dating agencies would tell you that Russian women prefer older men, but not all of it is truth. Russian ladies will practically accept an age difference of 5 to 15 years, but not more than that. The young Russian girls are least worried about the age gap, compared to older women. A Russian girl of 25 years old will show interest in men aged 30, 35, 40 and also 45. However, an older woman of 40 years old will limit her search to men under 55 years old. Thus, if you are 45 years old, you will be considered a suitable candidate for both a girl of 25 years old and a woman of 40 years old.

Russian women are very keen to have a family and children. They want to get married to a well settled man so that they can enjoy the warmth of a family. As the economical condition of their country is poor, they are compelled to seek partners abroad. Russian women would like to get married as soon as possible because there is a constant pressure in their society of getting married. They make wonderful homemakers because of their traditional values and wise behavior.