Do It Yourself Fiancée Visa Package

Do It Yourself Fiancée Visa Package

Do you often feel sad because the person you have committed to marrying lives in another continent? Do you often wish to pack your bags and leave for the place your fiancée is living now? If only the question ‘How’ stops you from visiting your fiancée, then the latest technologies can quickly solve the problem. Today you can easily arrange your trip to anywhere in the world with a Do-it-yourself Fiancée Visa package. The procedure may be consuming and time taking. In some ways, the process can be very much complex. Anyway, as the girls reach the moon and conquer Mount Everest, it won’t be challenging to fly overseas to marry the person you love.

travel-from-russia-usaIf you plan to fly overseas to get married to your fiancée, the visa procedure can be a bit different from the usual visa procedures. The legalities may also differ if your fiancée is a citizen of that country. The readymade do-it-yourself kit is also available to help you through the total procedure according to your situation. Some standard guidelines and tips related to these Do It Yourself Fiancée Visa Packages are,

About Do It Yourself Fiancée Visa Package

The application for a visa for traveling to the country may involve many legal issues, like immigration, applying for citizenship, even application of marriage if you want to get married in that country. If your fiancée is a legal citizen of that country, the procedure may ease slightly. You must start the process with ample time in your hand. Minimum 3 months is required to finish all the procedures. The most important part of the project is the paperwork. You have to make sure you have all the necessary documents for the Visa. Forgetting one single document can delay your journey for another couple of months.

Get Married Abroad or Bring Your Foreign Fiance To The U.S

visa-passport-americaIf you are not feeling confident enough to do the whole process yourself, you can help the experts. Contact the immigration consultants or hire an immigration attorney. You may have to spend a couple of hundred Euros on all this expert advice.  You can also take advice from the people who have gone through this process. The readymade Do it yourself kits sometimes come with this person’s advice, who can guide you through the whole process. Sometimes they can also guide you in learning the language of the country you are traveling into.

Fiancé visa steps

The steps of applying for a Visa may differ from country to country. The typical stages of applying for the Visa are,

  1. Gather all the documents you require for getting the Visa. The paperwork like the bank document, Salary slips must be updated and precise.
  2. Fill up the necessary forms necessary for the Visa.
  3. Send your application to the consulate or embassy of the country you want to visit with your cover letter.
  4. If your paperwork is clear, you will get an interview call from the consulate.
  5. Appear in the interview and get the Visa afterward.
  6. Travel to the required country and apply for citizenship after the wedding.

Step by step instructions for the K-1 Fiance Visa

The interview

The interview is the most crucial phase of your visa process. You must carry all the documents necessary with you for this interview. Along with the valid documents, you must prove your relationship with your fiancée. Like your pictures together with date and time, letters or emails, etc. you must be prepared to face questions like, “when and how did you meet your fiancée?”, “How long do you know him?”, “How did he propose?” etc. Answer these questions honestly and clearly to reach your fiancée to start your life together.

So, flying to your fiancée crossing over a continent is not difficult with your Do It Yourself Fiancée Visa Package. Just wish and believe that you can, and you will reach to get married and start your life together.