How to avoid Russian Dating Scams?

How to protect yourself from dating scammers

Today the world has gone digitized. The people who are too busy to find dates in their real-life can find a date with only a single click of their mouse. The various dating websites offer you lots of choices in choosing a suitable date for you. You can meet and create a friendship with like-minded people. You may end up with a partner for a lifetime from these dating sites. Even if your relationship cannot progress beyond friendship, you can achieve a good friend from these dating sites.

As more people turn to online dating sites to find a partner, the scams are also increasing day by day. Online dating sites taking enough measures to ensure the safety of their viewers, but some scams are unavoidable in the case of online dating.

Technically it is very easy to lie on the internet, as tangible proof is not required when creating a profile. Even when you are chatting with a specific person, you cannot verify what he is saying for himself. So there is a high chance that you can get involved in an online dating scam.

There are no hard and fast manuals to be safe from the online dating scam. Following a couple of rules can help you avoid these scams. Let’s find out some practical ways to prevent these internet dating scams,

Verify the identity on Social Networking Sites

social-network-facebookAs digitization is spreading all over the world, the world is getting smaller. Popular Social networking sites are the place where people can hardly fake their identity. Even there is a fake account on the Social Networking site, and it can be identified easily. When you meet somebody on an online dating portal, verify his identity on the Social Networking platform. Check his account on social networking sites; check how old his profile is also, check his friends who are tagged into his profile. This event will help you to find out how much genuine this person is.

Don’t share Personal Information

Till you are sure about a person you have met on online dating sites, do not share your personal information in detail. Your phone number and individual email id are also to be included in this list. If this kind of information falls into the wrong hands, you can suffer a considerable inconvenience.

Check the authenticity of the Network

vpnBefore you log on to these websites, check the authenticity of the network you are using. The VPN or Virtual Private Network can generally keep your computer safe from getting hacked. The main trick is to keep your computer’s IP address and ISP safe from online scammers so that they could not steal the data of your computer. The VPN will help you to keep your computer secure from scammers.

Before you set up a real date, have a chat

If you have met with somebody you have liked on the website, spend a long time getting to know him better. Before you decide to meet this person, verify that he is a genuine person. If possible, verify his relationship status. Double-check whether this person is married or otherwise engaged, as the online scams often include the married people claiming they are single.

Avoid cheap unknown dating sites

online-datingThe scams are primarily associated with cheap uncommon websites. Instead, go for the paid known websites, which are popular among your peer group. People are unlikely to lie when they have to pay for their profiles. So the numbers of scams are lesser in the case of paid websites.

The main factor that can save you from any scams is your instinct. Whenever you are feeling any slightest doubt, verify again and again. It will be wiser if you stop the whole association whenever you are feeling the slightest doubt.

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