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Many single men have turned to Russian travel dating sites to meet their friendship demands while on the road. Travel dating is more diverse than international dating because international dating focuses on a single culture or ethnicity. Russian travel dating provides various possibilities based on your girlfriend’s country of origin and ensures all options are tailored to your interests. Said all of these women are addicted to travel, which is a significant commonality between the two people to begin with. Imagine not having to explain why you want to travel any further. You can skip to the part when you tell each other about your wildest trips.

kristina-from-russiaFinding girls that travel has become easy, thanks to these travel dating sites available on the internet. There are real-life stories of how western men have seen women of diverse backgrounds in their travel dating site experience, and a few of them have been generous to share it with others. According to many men, Russian women are the best travel partners they can ask for.

Here are a couple of things about Russian women that make them the best:

  • Kind-hearted angels: Russian women are the most down-to-earth women you will ever meet. Even though many of them don’t travel, some travel to exotic and off-beat locations. Now because of traveling, one gets a sense of belonging almost anywhere. To certain people, this can instill pride in them. But for a Russian woman, it is a great experience, and she is always looking forward to recreating that experience. She is generous enough not to succumb to the highs that traveling gives. Also, when traveling, she is very friendly toward anyone. Western and European women have been uptight when traveling, but a Russian woman is friendly to everyone.
  • All expenses covered: A Russian woman’s pride will strike you at heart. Her elegance and her attitude towards being treated like a queen is both awe and understandable. Generally, traveling and expenses go hand in hand. Most travelers are still trying to make it work from the money part to fund their travels. So solo and group travelers know that sharing expenses with their partners is always a good idea and never selfish. But in traveling, you do with what you have, and it is perfectly alright if you don’t have those extra bucks.

Meet Single Russian Girls for Traveling

Dean, 28, from Brazil, has been dating Irina for over two years, and he claims it is the best thing that has happened to him.

latin-boyI started dating Irina through one of the travel dating sites. I signed in and used the portal almost all the time with little to no effort. I was traveling to the Philippines when I came across Irina’s profile. Initially, it takes a while to get used to. Don’t be shocked if your travel dating site is not giving you everything you need. You have got to be slow and patient and look for the best. Thousands of Russian girls are looking for a travel friend and a relationship partner. Before I met Irina, I dated two women from Australia and another from Russia. Both had their advantages and disadvantages.

The woman I dated from Australia was always on a high horse, and the other one from Russia, well, it just didn’t click. When I first met them, my excitement got the best of me, and I did not have time to think if they suited me. But when I met Irina two years ago on a trek to the Himalayas, she was everything I wanted a girl to be.

For starters, she was the only girl in our group of ten people on the trek. The hike was quite dangerous, and the fact that she was there, fearless, was a big turn-on for me. Eventually, we started dating, and I was awed by her bravery. This woman has thrown herself off cliffs and dived, not knowing what she is about to hit, and every single time I see her following her heart, I am following her. We have an understanding relationship, and we travel together. We share everything, from our food to our thoughts.

Ukraine Dating Tours

Ukraine & Russia romance tours allow guys to travel to Russia and Ukraine and connect with diverse women.  Whether you are hunting for a date or a bride, mixing socially with various pretty women increases your chances of meeting Ms. Right. Russian women who attend a singles tour can be met at social gatherings. All women are looking for a partner and are open to meeting foreign men. Romance tours bring men and women together quickly and save time.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Russian Travel Dating Site. It is not an easy task to find your soul partner. We aim to ensure your time with us is genuine and productive. The pros that built this dating site and are involved in its day-to-day operations have devised the most direct route to your Russian or Ukrainian match.


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