What Holidays are Celebrated in Russia ?

Russian Holidays

In our daily life, we constantly wait for the holidays. Holidays are maybe one of those rare days we like to get up in the mornings. We usually wish to celebrate our holidays with our loved ones, especially with the person closest to our hearts. Holidays in Russia are an essential part of a culture that helps understand Russian women much better. Like the rest of the world, Russian women also like to celebrate holidays. Along with the traditional holidays, they also celebrate International holidays. So if you are planning to date a Russian girl, you need to know about the holidays of Russia and how to observe them with your Russian woman.

Some of the most important Russian holidays are :

New Year

The Russians celebrate New Year from 1st—5th January. New Year’s Day is usually a family affair with Champagne at midnight. After that, people go out for a stroll in the road and wait for Father Frost and snow maiden’s presents. The kids often find their presents under the tree.

Russian Orthodox Christmas

russian-christmasAccording to the Julian calendar, the orthodox church of Russia celebrates Christmas on 7th January. The period from 7th January to 19th January is celebrated as Saints Day. It ends on the day of the christening of baby Jesus Christ.

Valentine’s Day

If you are to woo a Russian girl, then no other day is better than Valentine’s Day. Although a relatively new tradition, this festival is getting popular day by day. The couples exchange gifts and flowers and celebrate the day of love with grandeur.

Defender of Fatherland’s Day

The 23rd of February is celebrated as the Defender of Fatherland’s Day in Russia.

International Women’s Day

Send flowers to Russia - Marry a Russian GirlInternational Women’s day is celebrated on the 8th March in Russia. One of Russia’s most important holidays is to celebrate women’s hood in Russia. The day is the combination of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day in Russia. All the male population of Russia presents flowers or the others gifts to the women of their life. If you are trying to impress any girls from Russia, this day is perfect for making her feel extra special.

Dating a Russian or Ukrainian Girl? Flowers are a Must!

In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the rest of eastern Europe, dating, and flowers are practically intertwined. And it’s something that a Western man would not have considered when dating a lady who grew up in the United States or Europe. You most likely did not bring flowers to your first date, nor did you surprise your date with a surprising flower delivery to her workplace or at home. Russian women were reared with distinct attitudes regarding men, love, and marriage, and their expectations may differ dramatically from the ladies you know. Most Russian and Ukrainian women value romance and traditional courtship: flowers, presents, and small surprises. Send flowers to Russia.

Paskha (Easter)

After the Catholic Easter, the Russian Orthodox Easter is celebrated in Russia for two weeks. Easter has been honored with traditional fruit and nut yeast cake ‘Kulich’ and the colorful Easter eggs called ‘Pysanky.’ These colorful eggs are one of the conventional gifts exchanged among friends and the family of Russia.

International Spring and Labor Day

During the Soviet time, the 1st of May was a significant day celebrated as Labor Day. It is celebrated with Parade, Grandeur, and festivities. Nowadays, this day is celebrated as a fun-filled family affair.

Victory Day

Russia celebrates the victory in World War II on 9th May. This day is generally dedicated to the survivors of World War II. Respect is also shown to the soldier who had died during the war.

Russia Day

On June 12, 1990, Russia celebrated the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation. In 2002, it was named Russia Day.  It is also known as the Russian Independence day.

Unity Day

Unity day or National Reconciliation day is celebrated on November 7th in Russia. Formally it was hailed as National Revolution day. Initially, it is the anniversary of the Socialist Revolution of October 1917, establishing communist power in Russia.

The other famous festivals of Russia are,

  • Old New Year’s Day celebrated on January 14
  • The students and women celebrate Tatiana’s day on January 25
  • Cosmonautics Day is celebrated on April 12
  • Ivan Kupala’s day is celebrated on June 24
  • October 31 is celebrated as Halloween’s day
  • November 4 is celebrated as the Day of National Unity
  • Constitution Day is celebrated on December 12

As we can see, like the other parts of the world, Russia also celebrates the wonder of life through its various Holidays. The holidays bring happiness and prosperity to the life of all the people of Russia.