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Do you believe that all ladies like flowers? Without a question, they do. Russian and Ukrainian ladies, on the other hand, have a really unique bond with flowers. Not because they adore flowers more than ladies in other countries, but because there is a significant cultural history of gifting flowers to women in Russia and all former Soviet Union countries. Ukrainian women are accustomed to receiving flowers on special occasions, holidays, and for no apparent reason, particularly during the courtship stage.

In Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and the rest of the Post-Soviet world, dating, and flowers are nearly synonymous. And it’s something that a Western man would not have considered when dating a woman who grew up in America, for example. You very likely didn’t even bring flowers to your first date in the United States, nor did you amaze your date with an unexpected flower delivery to her job or home. Russian women were reared with distinct attitudes on men, dating, and marriage, and their expectations may differ significantly from the ladies you know in the United States. Most Russian and Ukrainian women value romance and traditional courtship: roses, gifts, small surprises, love notes, and beautiful phrases.

It is believed in Russia that the flowers can sense the mood and the emotion of the people. That’s why a flower can be considered a gift connected with the heart of a Russian lady.  Russian women are considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. So, when you desire to woo a Russian girl, flowers can surely ease your path. Beautiful Russian girls prefer flowers on their birthdays, on their anniversaries, on any particular day, or any typical day. The flowers are sure to melt the hearts of the beautiful Russian girls, but if you cannot present them in the correct number or the proper manner, it can be a natural disaster. So let’s have a look at a couple of essential factors in case you want to present flowers to a Russian girl to steal her heart,

What kind of flowers should I send to a Russian girl?

Send Valentines Flowers online RussiaRoses are the favorite flower of Russian girls. So getting one or a couple of roses is sure to bring a smile to the face of your Russian girl. Other flowers like tulips, daisies, orchids are also popular among Russian girls. Avoid red carnations as they signify the Russian army and the war. The red carnations are typically presented at the grave of the dead soldiers. As the red carnations signify death, giving the red carnation to a romantic date will be a bit improper. You can also choose Chamomiles to present to your Russian girl, as they are also the traditional flower of Russia.

Throughout the whole world, it’s believed that a person’s character can be judged according to his choice of flowers. In Russia, how the flowers are handled and presented also matters a lot. If someone is carrying a beautiful branch of flower carelessly, the girls of Russia will most likely believe that he will handle the girl of his life in that negligent manner. So, your work is not finished with choosing a perfect bunch of flowers for your Russian girl. The method of presenting them to her is also an essential factor.

What does it mean to send flowers to a Russian lady?

Color of the Flowers

Send Flowers to Russia & Worldwide - gift & flower deliveryPresenting the right colored flower is also essential if you are set to win the heart of a Russian girl. Like the rest of the world, red is also the color of love and passion in Russia. So, the red flowers can be presented to the Russian women undoubtedly. The pink color also signifies affection and happiness, which is accepted as the color of the flowers. In the case of flowers, you must avoid gifting any flowers of yellow color. As in Russia, a yellow flower bears the significance of separation. When a partner decides to break off a relationship, they usually present the yellow roses to the other one. So, if you try to impress a lady and unknowingly gift her yellow flowers, it can cause an adverse effect.

Number of the Flowers

number-13Girls from different parts of the world may appreciate ten or twelve red roses together, but the even numbers of flowers are reserved for funerals in Russia. Presenting an even number of flowers can bring real bad luck. The odd numbers of flowers represent happiness and good luck so that they can speak to your heart’s desire. Avoid sending 13 flowers together, as the number 13 is also considered unlucky like the rest of the world.

No matter which flower or color you have chosen, the flowers needed to be fresh.  If it is not, the girl can doubt your feelings. So, to win the affection of your special Russian lady, present her a bunch of her favorite flowers and witness the magic.

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